IBM POWER Server Virtualization

Flexible infrastructure solutions to enable desktop virtualization

In a recent IDC study, nearly half of the respondents said they completed or were completing desktop virtualization deployments. Like server virtualization, desktop virtualization helps IT managers easily manage, secure and deploy technology and reduce costs. And today’s mobile users require more consistent, security-rich access to files and applications from a variety of user devices - tablets, laptops smartphones and more. Desktop virtualization can help you meet these demands with flexibility, choice and self-service for your employees.

IBM SmartCloud® Desktop Infrastructure, the IBM solution for desktop virtualization, offers a choice of robust virtual desktop solutions based on a reference architecture approach designed in close cooperation with Citrix, Microsoft® and VMware.

The solutions are powered by IBM Flex System or IBM System x servers and are fully tested across applications, software, hardware and services to help streamline IT administration and simplify the transition to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure can help you:

  • Simplify desktop administration, support and management
  • Enhance security and compliance management and improve availability and reliability
  • Provide flexibility so users can work anytime, anywhere regardless of location or device
  • Better support growth initiatives for mobility and flexible work locations

Mark III Systems can help your organization design an infrastructure strategy to be able to handle the unique stresses on your infrastructure that a virtual desktop initiative can bring. Although it does share some similarities with server virtualization, a virtual desktop initiative definitely has different workload characteristics, which can directly impact how you architect, build, and implement a robust solution. With years of experience in VDI, Mark III can help your organization navigate this tricky endeavor and ensure a successful deployment