Compute Efficiency

Maximize your investment in enterprise compute infrastructure

Whether it be your first endeavor into server virtualization or a massive virtualization optimization project, Mark III can help your organization get the most out of your compute infrastructure. Although virtualization is the most popular and well-known path to maximizing your compute investment, there are many other areas that need to be considered as well to ensure that you optimize your organization's derived value from any compute purchases.

Some examples of maximizing compute efficiency outside of virtualization may include:

  • Optimization of CPU and memory relative to the workload characteristics of your application
  • Ensuring that I/O to the backend network and storage are optimal, so as to optimally drive compute
  • Not over-purchasing on resources that are not currently the bottleneck in the infrastructure
  • Setting up the proper processes and tools to monitor changes in the environment to ensure that compute efficiency continues over the longer-term

Assuming that your organization can be successful in optimizing hardware and virtualization, compute can often also be optimized through cloud and VM portability. These are all areas that Mark III can lend our rich expertise in order to help ensure that your application and VMs are receiving the resources that they need, but in a manner that optimizes the cost-effectiveness of your investments.