Storage Consolidation

Storage sprawl getting hard to control? Consolidate with Mark III!

Storage consolidation and virtualization can help you reduce storage infrastructure complexity and costs while supporting increased storage capacity, flexibility and improved asset utilization. However, designing and building a well-defined storage strategy can be challenging. Storage consolidation and virtualization services from Mark III provide skilled system engineers to help consolidate over-allocated and unused storage space and/or virtualize your storage environment. We can update your storage management processes and develop a storage architecture operational model to help you realize the ongoing benefits of consolidation and virtualization.

Echoing the storage explosion of our clients the last 5+ years, enterprise storage has grown to over 50% of our business. Whether it be storage virtualization with IBM's SAN Volume Controller Virtualization Engine or SAN consolidation with Brocade DCX SAN Directors, Mark III has very strong core competencies in all aspects of enterprise storage. We can lend assistance in helping you architect and design a storage consolidation/virtualization infrastructure or actually executing an installation and implementation. Additionally, we can help you maintain and upgrade your infrastructure over time with our team of engineers, as we typically build a long-term relationship with our clients, many of which we've had for over 15 years.

In our experience, a storage consolidation and optimization project doesn't just end with a storage purchase or services engagement, but truly lasts throughout the life of the new storage infrastructure. Let us help you design and execute on your storage strategy over the long-term!