Custom Cloud Solutions

Take your IT strategy into the clouds with Mark III

Uncertainty about cloud and how it fits into your traditional enterprise approach? Tired of marketing buzzwords and unending manufacturer pitches on why their approach is the "true" cloud approach?

Let Mark III help bring clarity to your exploration of cloud IT services and how it might fit into your overall short-term and long-term strategy of delivering technology services to your end-user client. Regardless of if your approach incorporates aspects of private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, or some other form of cloud, we can help translate your current infrastructure and paradigm into a strategy that makes sense for your organization (with words and descriptions that make sense).

The humorous thing for us and many in the industry is that literally anything can be interpreted as "cloud" in today's world, if certain aspects of any solution are emphasized in a specific way. Accordingly, clarity and attention to detail are vital in architecting a solution that will benefit your organization in areas typically associated with cloud: cost-effectiveness relative to usage, speed of deployment, self-service capabilities for the end-user, and dynamic scaling of resources.

In short, Mark III and its team of experienced engineers take a very practical and non-marketing oriented approach to designing solutions and can help you cut through the fog and get right to the practical facts. If you need a partner in helping you customize a unique cloud strategy, please reach out to us!