Defending your datacenter from the "Next Big One"

With nearly 20 years of expertise in Houston helping our clients protect their operations from hurricanes,Mark III and our clients have nearly seen it all. Whether it be Hurricane Rita or flooding from Tropical Storm Allison, we have helped our clients prevent and recover from disasters throughout the years.

Whether you're looking for help in identifying a DR datacenter elsewhere in Texas or setting up a customized HA or DR strategy, we have the ability to leverage the knowledge gained from hundreds of client engagements over the years to ensure that your unique deployment is a success. And if you are unfortunate enough to be impacted by a major storm, our staff of sales professionals and engineers can help you get your shop up and running very quickly, as we have with many of our clients after major storms (ask us for stories!).

Although the most logical choice would be to institute a DR strategy to a secondary datacenter in Texas (or elsewhere in the US), we understand that financial constraints can often prevent this from happening. Therefore, we can definitely customize the most optimal solution for your organization based on financial constraints or any guidelines or business restrictions that you face.

If you think you might need some help or would just to hear some of our stories and perspectives, please reach out to us! We'd be happy to help you dodge the next big one!