Mitigate or eliminate unplanned and planned outages

IBM High Availability solutions from Mark III Systems for resilient infrastructure can help you improve critical IT systems availability, moving you even closer to a continuous operations environment by reducing unplanned outages and reducing or potentially eliminating planned outages. Whether you are a large multi-national company or a small local organization, the odds are very high that you have at least a handful of applications that simply cannot go down, or else it threatens the viability of your core business. For these high-priority applications, it is imperative that a high-availability solution be built in order to avoid application outages caused by hardware or software failure.

For most clients, we see that a good HA strategy is often paired with a solid Disaster Recovery solution as well, as they each solve different challenges. From our experience, one of the keys of success is being able to differentiate between these two strategies and how to optimally balance resources and business requirements between the two paradigms.

IBM and Mark III's approach to implementing high-availability relies on a comprehensive evaluation of technology, processes, and organization. Utilizing the experience of a our team of engineers (who all used to be System Administrators), we are able to build customized HA solutions that not only leverage advanced technology, but also do so with your own unique operational processes and staff in mind.