IBM XIV Storage System

Enterprise, Grid-based Storage for unprecedented agility and manageability

IBM XIV Storage System

As the planet becomes more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent, your business faces the challenge of managing huge quantities of data and extracting the most value from it—efficiently and flexibly—while meeting the needs of customers, partners and employees. Having the right storage infrastructure matters; it is crucial to the survival and growth of enterprises and service providers, especially those laying foundations for cloud.

IBM XIV® is a high-end disk storage system that stands out for tuning-free predictable high performance, an exceptional user experience, and excellent data economics. It is ideal for cloud and analytics, offering high service levels for dynamic workloads, easy hyper-scaling including in multi-tenant environments, and flexible consumption models – and robust integration with cloud orchestration platforms via OpenStack, RESTful API, VMware and other means. It fortifies security and data protection through three-way mirroring, hot encryption and PCI-DSS support. The unique XIV grid architecture is core to the system's far-reaching customer value. Industry benchmarks underscore stellar XIV performance and cost benefits. Designed to simplify storage, XIV Storage System is enabling thousands of organizations to take control of their storage and gain business insights from their data. XIV storage is deployed in diverse industries worldwide, including financial, healthcare, telecommunications, managed services, energy and manufacturing. It integrates easily with virtualization, email, database, analytics, data protection and other solutions from leading providers such as VMware, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle Solaris, SAS and Symantec.

XIV Storage helps unleash cloud power for enterprises and service providers with its inherent simplicity, resiliency and predictability combined with VMware vCloud integration, multi-tenancy, as well as business continuity and management features:



Andy L's Quick Tip

The SSD caching option with XIV GEN3 is most effective with random workloads that are read-intensive.  The more read cache misses there are, there more effective SSD caching will be at reducing overall latency and enhancing potential performance (IOPS).