IBM DeepFlash 150

High-value, high-density flash storage for Big Data and HPC workloads

IBM DeepFlash 150

With the growth of mobile, social, Big Data, and the Internet of Things, the quantity and variety of data has skyrocketed. The IBM DeepFlash 150 system has been designed around the data storage requirements of social media, big data and analytics, and an increasingly mobile workforce, while being targeted for hyperscale and cloud workloads. These workloads are also evolving and demanding massive scalability, extremely high levels of availability, and an agility in how IT resources are allocated and used. New performance levels bring the advantages of IBM DeepFlash 150 to a wider variety of applications, including high-performance computing workloads.

The DeepFlash 150 storage system empowers large-scale infrastructure and data center architects to deliver massive scale-out storage solutions. DeepFlash 150 builds a path to the next-generation software-defined storage architectures capable of supporting workloads with instant access to petabytes of data.

Data delivers value only when insights can be extracted and maximum value requires rapid time to insight. DeepFlash 150 reduces the processing time for big data from weeks to hours. Compared to older technologies, the all-flash solution avoids complexity and scales to optimally extract value from the largest cloud and hyperscale environments. Rack-scale consolidation of storage enables TCO benefits through IT consolidation and independent growth tailored to application requirements.

DeepFlash for virtualization

  • Increase virtual machine density to get more out of every host and reduce hardware costs, application licensing costs, and operational expenses
  • Solve the performance challenge of virtualization, such as randomization of data patterns, with high random IOPS performance and consistently low latency
  • Scale virtualized workloads seamlessly as storage and compute needs grow

DeepFlash for databases

  • Accelerate transactions and improve application performance
  • Optimize IT investment, reduce hardware footprint, require fewer servers and fewer database software licenses

DeepFlash for Big Data

  • TCO better than traditional, large-capacity storage systems
  • Enables high-velocity data capture, discovery, or analysis
  • High IOPS low latency ideally suited for streaming media or content delivery networks