Lenovo NeXtScale System (x86)

Next-generation of high-density x86 servers for HPC

Lenovo NeXtScale System (x86)

There is no end in sight to growing data and computing requirements—which poses a serious challenge for space-constrained data centers. Also challenging for today’s organizations is the need to perform a larger number and variety of functions—without increasing budgets. Lenovo NeXtScale System™, an economical addition to the Lenovo System x® family, offers an innovative approach to maximum usable density. Optimized to handle a number of workloads, all demanding agility, NeXtScale System helps drive business velocity by providing rapid procurement, deployment and flexible options. This simple, yet powerful, system can handle applications ranging from technical computing, to grid deployments, to analytics workloads, to large-scale cloud and virtualization infrastructures.

Designed with industry-standard, off-the-shelf components, this general-purpose platform enables users to create a flexible, mix-and-match offering with compute, storage, and acceleration via graphics processing unit (GPU) or Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor. Customized solutions can be configured to provide application-appropriate platform with choice of servers, networking switches, adapters, and racks.


As of October 2014, the IBM x86 portfolio has officially transitioned to Lenovo.  All mention of IBM for these particular products are only temporary until they can be fully transitioned over time in name and marketing references to Lenovo.  As of April 2015, NeXtScale has been rebranded Lenovo.  IBM continues to provide support for x86 products, including NeXtScale.