Barreleye System

OpenPOWER-enabled system built for extreme hyperscale

Barreleye System

As of September 2016, Mark III and our partners in the OpenPOWER Foundation are announcing the immediate availability of a system based on the Barreleye system design, an OpenPOWER server platform based on the Barreleye Open Compute Project (OCP) design.

We're doing this announcement specifically in partnership with Penguin Computing under the OCP-compatible model of the Penguin Magna 1015, which provides an enterprise supported version of the Barreleye system.  As a long-time IBM Premier Business Partner with two decades of experience with POWER, our strong team of engineers are also available to offer their expertise and services around the Magna 1015 platform to ensure that our joint OpenPOWER clients are successful.  If you might recall, Barreleye is based on the Rackspace-led OCP design that incorporates OpenPOWER technologies (including POWER8 processors), and was a system that Mark III announced back in March at the OCP Summit that it would be offering very soon.  Please contact us for more information on Barreleye and the unique advantages this system and working with Mark III can offer.


Andy's Quick Tip

Mark III Systems is a member of the OpenPOWER Foundation, which is an open technical membership organization built around designing and building systems that incorporate elements of the POWER processor.  Barreleye is the first system built with OpenPOWER technologies that utilizes the Open Compute Project (OCP) form factor (which differs from a standard 19'' datacenter rack).  Please position and plan accordingly! Read More