Brocade VDX Series

Brocade VCS Fabric technology provides unmatched VM awareness and automation

Brocade VDX Series

Brocade VDX Switches provide the advanced feature set that data centers require and deliver the high performance and low latency virtualized environments demand. Together with Brocade VCS Fabric technology, these switches can simplify network design and operations for a more automated and efficient network, offer the flexibility needed to easily scale networks, deliver the intelligence to more effectively manage Virtual Machine (VM) mobility and rack density, as well as provide a cloud-ready infrastructure.

Brocade VDX Switches offer:

  • High performance and low latency: Provides high performance with a selection of 1Gb, 10Gb, and 40Gb ports, as well as ultra-low latency through wire-speed ports and automated hardware-based Inter-Switch Link (ISL) trunking.
  • Simplified architecture: Simplifies network architectures and enables cloud computing with Brocade VCS Fabric technology.
  • Easy configuration: Enables organizations to manage an entire VCS fabric as a single switch with Brocade VCS Logical Chassis.
  • Maximizes network utilization: Enables efficient, load-balanced multipathing at Layers 1, 2, and 3, including multiple Layer 3 gateways.
  • Advanced storage connectivity: Provides Ethernet storage connectivity for FCoE, iSCSI, and NAS.
  • Optimizes virtualization: Offers the automation needed to support highly virtualized server and storage environments while enabling the transition to cloud computing.

Chris K's Quick Tip

True network cloud enablement for the datacenter, VDX switches build a virtual, loop-free network topology that is insanely easy to manage and deploy.  Ask us to show you logical chassis mode, which allows you to manage a VDX fabric of multiple VDX switches as one logical entity.