IBM Beacon Award 2013

Mark III Systems wins global award from IBM for Outstanding Smarter Storage Solution

Beacon Award Winners Mark III Systems was awarded the IBM Beacon Award for the category of Outstanding Smarter Storage Solution by IBM at the IBM PartnerWorld conference in Las Vegas in May. Mark III won this prestigious designation through its work with Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX.

Anchored by IBM Storage building blocks, Mark III helped build an SAP Storage backup infrastructure solution that enabled Baylor to drive down their RTO and RPO objectives substantially, providing significant value to the business in terms of data protection. Whereas Baylor had previously required up to 9 hours in order to complete a backup on the weekends, the new IBM solution enabled them to take database backups multiple times a day and transaction log backups every 20 minutes. Additionally, restores which previously took up to 24 hours to complete now could be done in as low as 2 minutes from disk and 25 minutes from tape. In short, Baylor College of Medicine now sees up to a 7,500% increase in backup performance, as compared to their previous infrastructure.

As part of this overall solution, Mark III helped to design and architect the overall infrastructure and also to implement and monitor the new environment over the long-run. From a continuity standpoint, Mark III had the same Senior Systems Engineer engaged throughout the entire process, which helped to maximize the quality of the work and also to minimize any implementation or operational risks.

This is Mark III’s second IBM Beacon Award, as they were previously awarded one in 2010 for the category of “Outstanding Storage Solution” with Texas Children’s Hospital, also in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, TX.

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