How we got here and why we are the way we are....

Mark III Systems was founded in Houston, TX in 1995 by Leslie Powell, who is still our current President. In a somewhat unique twist for what we're used to seeing in the industry, Leslie's background was not in traditional IT prior to Mark III, but rather in medical device sales. In many ways, her unique non-IT background, ability to build and inspire a highly-skilled, highly-motivated team, and extremely positive attitude laid the groundwork for the vibrant and innovative culture of Mark III, which continues to thrive to this very day.

Originally founded in the mid-1990s as an IBM IT infrastructure reseller, Mark III has grown over the last two decades into a large, multi-disciplinary solutions provider with enterprise and service provider clients of all sizes all over North America. With a highly-experienced team of Systems Engineers, DevOps Engineers, and Developers (in our BlueChasm digital development unit), Mark III offers clients a unique “full stack” approach to help them not only modernize and optimize core application and tech stacks in the datacenter, but also plan for and deliver on emerging digital and cognitive initiatives.

Among our relationships with 50+ key technology partners, many in the ecosystem know us best for our two-decade long partnership with IBM as an IBM Platinum Business Partner. Having won 6 worldwide IBM Beacon Awards since 2010, and with multiple IBM Champions on staff, our partnership with IBM spans the entire portfolio from IBM Systems to Storage to Middleware to Watson and Cloud.

To us, the key to developing and maintaining the skills to help our clients succeed in all phases of their critical projects is best summed up in two words... Focus & Continuity. If we can quickly help our clients in ways they find truly insightful and have our long-tenured team personally engaged over multiple years (and decades!) without interruption, we see our clients benefit in intangible ways that can't be described with bullet points, a whitepaper, or marketing website. Much in the same unique spirit as how Mark III was founded and continues to thrive today, we view our clients truly as an extension of the Mark III Family!